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If you looking to reach a vast audience of online marketers, bloggers, students and almost everyone you can think of on a national news portal.

IBTL supports over 1,00,000 unique monthly site visitors and 3,50,000+ monthly page views.

Here you would find details and specifications on all ad units present on the IBTL group sites.

Creative Formats: Text, Display (Image, Flash, HTML), Video

Ad Sizes:

  1. Full Header Featured (990x90 px)
  2. Full Leader Board (728x90 px)
  3. Half Leader Board (468x60 px)
  4. Middle Half Banner (385x60 px)
  5. Vertical Box Banner (120x240 px)
  6. Vertical rectangle box (100x400 px)
  7. Wide Vertical Skyscraper (160x600 px)
  8. Narrow Vertical Skyscraper (120x600 px)
  9. Small Square Box Panel (200x200 px)
  10. Middle Square Box Panel (250x250 px)
  11. Big Square Box Panel (350x350 px)
  12. Horizontal Bar (468x100 px)
  13. Small Panel Widget Box (150x150px & 125x125 px)
  14. Right Panel Highlighter Bar (100x60px)
  15. Content Signature (88x31)
  16. Few Other Sizes (120x60 px), (120x90 px), (180x150 px), (234x60 px), (240x400 px), (300x100 px), (300x250 px), (300x600 px), (336x280 px), (720x300 px)

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